Creativity When The Tank is Empty

There’s no doubting the energy draining capacity of living and working through these challenging times. Some days are just ‘get-through-the -day’ days and sometimes they are get-through-the -next-hour days.

How can anyone summon energy, any excess energy to do something creative? I’m not sure about your approach, but I find when I am angry or upset is when I really have the energy to do creative stuff. I turn to writing, coloring, as well as dancing and listening to live DJs on Instagram.

Recently I spent an hour on the phone with a friend. We were sharing how hard it is to be around our spouses all.the.damn.time. This sounds awful, right? It is. Because someone is losing their loved ones every single day. Right now many cannot even get the opportunity to say a proper goodbye. So I wallow in the guilt of those feelings at times. As we were acknowledging how silly our conversation was we struck on an unintentionally funny phrase that made us laugh, hard. We decided to turn it into a poetry back and forth via text.

Today, I received the first line of our original phrase/ poetry prompt from her via U.S. Mail. It was a wonderful surprise.

Have you written a letter or card lately? This is how I summon energy from my friends and family. I send funny letters, cards, and postcards to friends. It’s the only way I know to use minimal energy but send lots of love to let folks know I haven’t forgotten them.

I don’t have the answers. I can only share my experiences and hope you’ll share yours. I know that I’m gathering some of the best stories I’ll ever have to add to my story bank. Can’t wait to share one at an upcoming storytelling session.

In the meantime, I send vibes of fortitude and love out into the universe. Take care friends and drop me a note. ~ K.