Still buffering…

Buffering is a term which can be used to describe data being held in one part of the computer processor before moving to another part.  ‘Still Buffering’  a phrase which is frequently seen when trying to stream a video on a device that does not have the data speed and capacity to process it.

This term comes to my mind whenever I have to learn something that is complicated and I need to run through it several times before I can apply it across my workload. The best example I have is when I am learning more advanced functions in Excel.  I’m trying to process what I already know (cache), add-in the new function(s), and complete the task. The ‘buffering’ occurs because I personally have to slow down my thoughts so I can absorb (process)  the new information, and then I can apply it (output).

I think the phrase, ‘brain overload’ describes it fairly well.  If the information that is new to us comes in at a speed at which we cannot process it, we can’t move forward smoothly.

Do you have an example of ‘still buffering’ you’d like to share?

~ Kem

Author: KMK Foley

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