Motivation to Focus

The holidays have passed. You’ve (hopefully) had your annual review. Now, what?  How long does it take you to get back into work mode?

To be honest, I haven’t done work while home for the holiday per se but, I have been planning and journaling to prep for my return to the office. I already know what’s coming or at least I know what is already in the strategic plan for my department.

What I will need to be when I roll in the door tomorrow?

  • Caffeinated √
  • Focused √
  • Positive √

Catching up with colleagues will need to hold for a day or so.  I need to be direct with them, let them know the many deadlines I am working to meet, and when I might come up for air.

I used to come back from holiday and the entire first day back would be lost to catching up with a co-worker, or being shown videos from a holiday trip. I know I can’t afford to procrastinate tomorrow. I’m covering for another team member and as mentioned above, our department has several major projects kicking off—all in January.

What’s my motivation to stay focused? I want to avoid that dreadful, nauseating feeling of being unprepared and of falling behind before I’ve even started.  This doesn’t mean I’ll be tied to my desk all day. I will take restroom breaks. I will take my lunch break, and that will be when I truly will have time to hear travel and holiday tales.

What’s your motivation to stay focused at work this first week of 2018? I’d love your feedback.

~ Kem


Fiona in full-on focus-mode


Author: KMK Foley

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