The Start of the Journey

Good morning from SFO (San Francisco, CA).

I’m constantly reminded on my travels of the diversity and cultural differences across this wide country of ours.  This morning was NO different.

For example, DC folks– well, we tend to dress up a bit more when we are headed out on business travel and look terribly out of place when arriving in a very casual Cali atmosphere. I can see just from the few minutes in the cafe line that SFO takes sustainability WAY seriously and it’s no joke. At Tyler Florence’s section of Napa Farms Market in the airport, I had entirely too many choices when it came to a yogurt parfait. My East Coast tendencies were showing. I did not want greek yogurt, fresh honey nor fresh fruit compote. I just wanted the damn granola, strawberries  and yogurt. The I hastily realized why they had offered the honey. It had no sugar.  It was pricey and yummy..but I will wish it had been sweeter.

Oh.. and there is a serious massage storefront w/ tables.. so if you don’t care who sees you on the tables getting a clothed massage at the airport. Go for it.

Secondly, I got the evil eye from no less than 3 people at the computer desks here at the terminal– (I don’t have an iMAC pro… I don’t have a MAC..) Oh, well. My daughter does though.  It’s no surprise that this airport is built for working on your device (phone, laptop, tablet). There are charging stations, tables for plugging in and working and free Wi-Fi.

Hats are VERY big here. as in large and popular. They follow this trend of very large brims and being over-sized. (Here’s a great site with examples.)

img_20161007_103416018I decided to book with Virgin America for my trip. This airline has been a favorite of mine , along with Virgin Atlantic for the last ten years. Virgin America was recently sold off to Alaska Air, which also has a very strong customer service reputation. I’ll transfer flights here and head to Las Vegas where the adventure will continue. It’s been a long time since I have blogged daily. Let’s see how I do during this adventure to the Office Dynamics Conference for Administrative Excellence.  #adminconf  #KeepLearningKeepGrowing

Author: KMK Foley

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