Some Thoughts on the Job Market for Admins- DC Metro

Just a few quick thoughts- nothing scientific or data proven regarding the job market for the admin profession in the DC Metro region.

1. Washington Business Journal reports that DC, MD, VA all added jobs in July.

2.  OfficeTeam (Robert Half International) reports •Businesses in the South Atlantic2 states project the most hiring activity, with a net 9 percent of executives from this region planning to add professional-level staff in the fourth quarter.  Full report on their hiring projections here (

3. Several acquaintances that specialize in hiring administrative slots have shared that businesses in DC are still looking for high quality, long-tenured (minimum of five years with current position) administrative specialists- and have reiterated that being bilingual (especially Spanish/English) can be very attractive to those hiring.

I shared a few observations with them about some very experienced admins – that have been out of work for some time — and we came around to the same theory of what is most likely holding these candidates back:

1. They are not willing to take any kind of pay cut
2. While they were at their last long term position- they did not take on any new skills (or did not document any new skills/responsibilities) in their resume-
3. They did not have a strong network of business contacts (Hello! IAAP or ASAE or?)
4. They were not savvy or familiar with some very current technologies or media formats – ie) Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, use of OpenTable for booking reservations, knowing how to blog or design a web page

As I said, this was just three friends hanging out – talking about the admin field from three different perspectives.. but I do think that there must be some validity to our thoughts.

Beltway admins!-  This is a great region for our chosen career field.   Do not be complacent.  Network.  Pick up new skills (doesn’t mean you have to be proficient- but at least try new software or try to pick up new skills). Expand your thoughts on what defines an admin position-

Be savvy about what you want. Be honest.  If you hate being an admin- then get out of the profession.  If you love it and want to continue to grow- you have to do the legwork.   The job market is too tight for sitting back and hoping what you’ve done in the past will be enough.  Get busy!

Author: KMK Foley

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