Framingham, Massachusetts..Admin Central?

Here’s a pretty Cliff Claven/trivia filled blog this evening.

I had a real lightbulb moment today; In New England, we call it ‘Dawn breaks at Marblehead’ – but that’s another story.

I was born in Framingham, Massachusetts, a town about 20 miles outside of Boston. My grandparents were first generation Irish on my father’s side and naturally settled on the East Coast. My grandmother, Florence Manning Foley- actually worked at the Dennison plant in Framingham most of her adult life. And, as admins know – the company is now, AveryDennison – or just Avery for most products. We could not do our jobs without Avery products. Ridiculously, I was once a participant in a “Guess the label number” contest for admins- you know, 5166- file labels; 5163 Shipping labels etc.. It’s something silly but true– admins tend to know their product/label numbers by heart.

And, Framingham is the home to Staples. You know, the office supply chain?

So maybe it was destiny that I ended up in the administrative field. Or, it’s in the water I drank as a child? I just found it kind of funny when I went back to Massachusetts last weekend to see family~ and it kind of came together today as I was looking at my box of staples~ from Staples- , with the address of Framingham, MA – and their headquarters is located just about a mile from my grandparents old home on Newbury Street.

It makes me smile when I think that my grandmother worked in the factory.. (which I’m pretty sure is now administrative offices for Avery)- for so many years~ and I think of her whenever I have a chance to go to an Avery showcase at IAAP.

Silly? Well, I guess I’m allowed to get sentimental sometimes…right?

Author: KMK Foley

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